GVD Enterprise NVR M6236 (Network Video Recorder)

GVD Enterprise NVR M6236 (Network Video Recorder)

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System :

  • CPU : 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2603 V4
  • Memory : 16G


  • Hard disk trays (bays) : 36 pcs
  • Storage capacity : 36 x 10TB
  • RAID level : RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10


Video Recording :

  • IP camera license : 64, 96, 128
  • Recording rate : Max. 384Mbps
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nvr gvdM6 True Enterprise NVRs

The True Enterprise are GVD’s server-grade NVRs designed for enterprise high-capacity applications. They have redundant hardware, including dual power units and dual LAN ports, to allow the extra robustness for enterprie activities. For video read/write, the NVR allows up to 128 channels and handles up to 384 Mbps for 24 x 7 recording. For storage, the NVR alone can bare max. 360TB while the storage can even reach.


800TB when you connect an optional storage server. Also on option is a backup server to keep an insurance copy of your video data. The True Enterpries lineup is designed to expand to CMS or VMS, two of GVD’s large centralized video platforms, simply thru easy add-on of GVD products. The CMS (Central Management System) allows 600 channels while the VMS (Video Management System) up to 8,000 channels. If you are looking for a robust NVR for long and reliable service, look no further than GVD’s True Enterprise NVRs.

Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)- Painless system recovery

A “virtual hard disk” (VHD) is a Windows-based system image tool to take a snapshot of system status and NVR software settings to recover your corrupted system within 5 minutes. This tool can reduce not only RMA but also the need for on-site support.

Extra Robust - Better reliability than most NVRs

The NVR has some hardware components in pairs, including dual LAN ports and dual power units. Dual LAN ports can protect the NVR from losing data connection while dual power units ensure non-stop power supply. Watchdogs are also a duo, which covers a hardware watchdog to monitor system health and a software watchdog to make sure important programs run properly. RAID is also there to prevent data loss in case of hard disk failure.

Time Sector Engine (TSE) - Excellent read / write

The NVR has high data transmission rate at max. 384 Mbps. It handles high bandwidth throughput up to 600 Mbit/s over 1G LAN port, up to 128 IP cameras @ 3Mb/s,and processes video at high speed with 150ms~190ms latency. This exclusive TSE brings the best real-time PTZ controls .

Modbus support & TCP messages - Promise smart buildings and smart cities

The NVR support Modbus, a popular serial communication protocol widely-used for the connection of industrial electronic devices. No extra effort and cost is needed to quickly include a 3rd-party system. The NVR also features powerful alarm management capable of sending TCP messages for alarm alerts. The NVR is highly competent for some promising solutions such as Smart Buildings for DCS (distributed control system) and Smart Cities for CAP (common alerting protocol) such as IBM IOC.

Total Solution - Solves multiple problems

GVD has a complete product line to meet the needs of almost every industry for large-scale video management. You can expand the NVR to a centralized video management platform, for example the VMS, then a control center (E300) will be available, and a video wall (D300), backup server (X6024), a failover server (X5016) and an integration gateway (C5001) are allowed to the system. Software-wise the NVR is also designed to do a whole variety of works, for example to incorporate POS and ATM, perform video content analysis, manage alarms and so on.


System hardware diagnostics & enhanced alarms

The main management software, HD NVR Manager, features some hardware health facilities, for example a hardware tree listing all critical hardware with the important data called out such as chipset temperature, fan speed, fan RPM, CPU temperature, CPU voltage, SSD temperature and so on. When a hardware component goes out of control, the software will launch an alarm to warn you .

Smooth video streams in unstable networks

Smooth video streams in unstable networks

The True Enterprise NVR features Playout Control, a technique that uses dynamic buffer size to tolerate poor network conditions, whether with 3G or WiFi.

Zero downtime

For mission critical projects, a Failover Server X5016 is on option for the True Enterprise NVRs. The X5016 is a turnkey product to take over a broken NVR within 45 seconds. It has advanced design to allow non-stop video recording and seamless video display. The failover solution is extra capable with N+M feature for an X5016 to watch over up to 10 NVRs

VCA video for law enforcement

The NVR features sophisticated Video Content Analysis, including VMD (Video Motion Detection) that detects moving objects, E-Fence that discerns objects crossing a virtual line while People Counting calculate how many people have crossed a virtual line by one direction and/or the other. Users can set up an interested VCA event for alarms and retrieve the relevant VCA video with the powerful search feature. In some worst cases VCA can provide you with the evidence for law enforcement.

VCA video for law enforcement